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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 3, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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cops have a suspect cornered when he -- >> mashed the gatd, ram gas, rammed the police car. >> and one crazy ending. a radio personality keeps his cool in a really difficult situation. >> what he got handed that he didn't let throw him. >> who's that guy in brave firefighters enter's burning home. >> to rescue some family members. >> how this four-legged family member made it out. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini and it's that time in the wedding reception. >> where the bride throws the
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bouquet. >> the danger zone. >> why gravity will always get cha. >> ah! after police made a routine traffic stop a 35-year-old jason hughes they realized there was sdrep allegations in his registration. when they questioned jason a about that, he picks up where this video picks upchattanooga, tennessee. jace sn driving a stolen vehicle and police have their sirens on trying to get jace ton pull over. he takes off, spins the vehicle around goes off the road 180 degrees. headlights pointing right at the police cruiser. what does jason do? >> probably what he's not supposed to. >> right. rams the police car, guns draw, jason takes off again and the pursuit continues through three counties. and now another police car in front of the damage kam we're riding with. you'll see jason lose control rounding this corner.
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the vehicle he's in rolls over, and jatsen is -- jason is ejected from that vehicle. two police follow. guns draw. the officers were uninjured jason also not seriously injured but face as litany of charges including aggravated assault on police. in county jail on $87,500 bond. >> should be arrested for bad tats on the . you can see here this roof on this house, a fully involved fire but firefighters need to go inside. not only are they trying to put the fire out, they're going in there to rescue some family members. what we have is a firefighter's helmet cam, going in and we're going to see how they quickly get to work. they are looking for the family pet. >> oh no. >> oh no. >> talk to those firefighters too, you want to save the family pet, but you don't know is the dog going to be aggressive with you, because its scared? you're a stranger? >> you're right. you hear the dog growling when
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they grab it? the dog not exactly happy. dog number one, rescued. the firefighter reveals another dog, the dog in the playroom. finally they get that dog. you can see the dog's head there. eventually both of the dogs . >> who else is in here? we have another rescue. if you're going get stuck in a chimney, whose house do want to get stuck in? santa's? exactly. this looks exactly where the squirrel got stuck. >> oh! >> he does look a bit like santa claus. am i right? they had to call simon and shawn from the wildlife association. fancy, schmancy equipment, and finally able to get the squirrel . what they eventually do walk him outside. you could see, it was very eager to hop into a tree and get lost. >> look. >> there he goes. >> man, i love squir.
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talk about being a professional and maintaining your cool in a really difficult situation. this is footage of a live broadcast from real radio 104.1 in orlando florida. this is one of the radio hosts. his name is russ rawlins, but notice, there's a dude at th. >> let me see that. uh-huh. i'm russ yeah. >> he says uh-huh. russ here. while this radio show sliv. >> ah, you -- okay. um -- >> wow. >> his co-hosts looking at the papers pup see one of them just go wow. >> doesn't look happy. >> do i have to sign that. >> no you do not. >> you do not have to sign it? >> no you don't. that is -- [ inaudible. >> you filed an affidavit that said -- wow. she had me served on the air.
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>> right in this moment. that guy in the black shirt, that's a process server serving him with divorce papers from his estranged wife. >> he thinks she did it on purpose that he was served on the air while at work or it just kind of happened coincidentally. >> no. he believes she did this on purpose. in fact we have some of the awedudio from right after commercial break. >> sam said she would embarrass me on the air and have papers served to me live on the air. never thought she really would do it just did it. that's embarrassing. congratulations. the reas she has decided to embarrass me on the air today. >> reveals a little on the air. pulls it together. keeps going with his radio show and handled himself nicely as the process server was in the studio. we reached out to russ. this is 100% real. >> wow. so she had me served on the air. hey, everybody, it's just about time for us to give way
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another ipad mini. >> mondays buzzword be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> monday's buzzword is coming in. >> keep watching everybody for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. ♪ snow and ice, the weather, you either love it or hate it. these guys in russia totally loving it. out behind the car, dragged on a big, inflatable tire with a selfie and what about this? back flip. oh! >> wow. >> and he landed it. >> of course this is russia. they like to -- like when he lost a bet and had to do it like this. >> woo lsh hoo-hoo. give a thumbs up to the guy's into a snow drift. the coldest-looking face ever. right there. >> wow. that was miserable in your tidies on a tube dragged behind a vehicle. >> if i was fully clothed in nigh ski gear i would like to
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try this. >> a seeing this video and t isn't technically legal. the guy there, 291-year-old a bit of a -- yeah having a bit of fun but loves it. >> whereas these people in china not so much liking the weather. a wonderful slow-motion accident domino situation at -- car after car after car -- comes sliding around this corner. look out. everyone goes running for this one. >> don't you wish you could run out there quick with a bag of dirt on sand or something? anything to give them some bit of trakdsction to make the stop happen. >> it's funnier just for them to watc. >> ha ha. two guys stroll into a jewelry store, but -- >> watch how quickly they turn violent. >> see why they'll stop at nothing to pull off a smash and grab. and -- the scary moment when the palm
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tweets with at "right this minute" and foll. you got watch out because essentially gravity is going to get cha. this first situation, quite dangerous. you see quite a few palm trees blowing in the breeze. the person who posted this video claims that his neighbor refuses to trim the palm trees. watch what happens. that first palm falls into the neighbor's backyard but notice the guy behind the camera -- his daughter is playing in their backyard. >> my daughter right there. >> ah. >> that's not good. >> did you see how close that was to his little girl? this man feels it's his
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neighbor's responsibility to make sure those palm trees are trimmed. >> shouldn't have this child out there. >> this is so windy, and there are palms flying all over the place. maybe keep the child inside even if you feel it's your neighbor's responsibility. >> you shouldn't have to go oh no we can't play in our yard because it's dangerous because of the neighbor. the next video from russia. looks like a nice little wedding reception. it's that time in the wedding reception where the bride throws the bouquet. but, remember -- gravity will get cha. >> ah! >> oh my gosh. fell on her head. >> what? >> didn't went in front of her. went on her head and bounced in front of her. >> underestimated the low ceiling height and right down on her head. >> ah. puppy versus hairdryer. ♪
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>> every single time we do this. capturing a couple seemingly innocuous situations which quickly escalate. queens australia, outside a place of work a guy talking with a lady in black came face to face as he grabs her by the neck and throws her to the floor. this guy is her ex-partner from eight years ago. you see in his hand he has a knife and is threatening to kill her. >> they've been broken up for eight years and he still has this much rage? >> yeah. here though, you can see gun pointing out ofhe coincidence, two queens detectives happened to be just around the corner were alerted by this woman's screams and came to the situation. as part of their treening ingtraining they could have legally shot
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this man. they chose to diffuse the situation, and eventually able to talk him down. >> good training. >> the thing is not done yet. here he actually says you better lock me up ten years or i'll finish what i'm started. actually charge go ahead with attempted murder as well as a litany of other charges but hopefully will be behind bars. bundled up for the weather. minus whatever it is in russia when you go inside it's a jewelry store. this guy on the left is a security guard. watch how quickly they turn violent, walked through the door and shot him in the knee. he dropped to the floor. the women are durking down underneath and this guy take as hammer and starts grabbing jewelry as quickly as he can before stuffing it in the duffel bag and making off with it with his partner, half a million rubles' worth. just over $700,000. >> police looking for these guys. troubled where to start bay
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they're clearly kouv ly covered up with masks. security guard took a shot to the knee but he will survive. a little guy with big talent. >> no way. he's awesome! >> the 6-year-old sensation, next "ri" watching rock legends rock out. >> in 360-degree photography. >> now one of the stars onstage explains why getting in on the action was such a hit. >> pretend you're standing there, look around how ya doing? >> reveal the monday buzzword for the chance you need to win your ipad mini.
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pure excitement. >> he's just so grateful. and we do know dogs love snow and in this other video, this dog is all abo that snowman. watch this. owner says okay go get it. the dog takes off to snowland. snowman, slightly yellow. had this dog already marked the snowman as his own? >> possibly or maybe just dirty. maybe bottom sno a star-studded event recently happened at the roxy in los angeles honoring billy gibbons from zz top and bush from the almond brothers for contributions to the art and organizations like adopt the arts. check this out as all of these celebrities walked the red carpet. we're talking huge celebs, matt, drummer for guns n' roses and from velvet revolver huge fan
3:20 pm
and richie sambora? all for a great cause. reminding people how important it is to have art in our public schools. >> a website called br live tv, there to live stream this concert in 360-degree photography. >> wow. >> the first time that anybody's live streamed a concert like this with major artists, according to . to tell us about this amazing night, this event and this amazing organizat i am very happy to say from guns n' roses from los angeles right here. [ applause ] >> yes! >> welcome to the show. >> this is my new symbol. i used to do this. now i do this. my charity adopt the arts started about 3 1/2 years ago. music we know is the great healer. they're cutting arts in the public school system. so what i eventually ended up doing was going up to a local school called rosewood avenue
3:21 pm
and i adopted the school. my goal every year i have to raise enough money for the instruments but he also pay for the teachers because they can't afford to pay them themselves. i decided to call it adopt the arts. >> tell us about working with carter? >> an amazing human being. his family created the thing called the lays potato chip and said matt i have some money, love kids and want to give back. launching a school taken it from five years. we see these kids smile and i just love it. >> tell us about this event that you guys put together in los angeles. i mean this is incredible stuff. >> every year we've got to raise money. so i decided to throw these events honoring great musicians, for their contribution to culture. these guys are legend. become such an amazing, giving person. richie sambora. all of these crazy players, and we threw an amazing show. >> tell us a little more about the vr goggles? >> actually like you're in the
3:22 pm
audience. standing around hey, how ya doing? i want to look at slash. you can put yourself anywhere so we put it in the concert. >> why is this important? >> it's about keeping kids in school. i stayed in school because i knew i had that music or art class to go to. i appreciate the kids. >> give it up for [ applause ] all right, everybody. it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> to answer you are need the buzzword be at least 18 years of age, or older, and a u.s. resident. >> head to and click the ipad button. >> enter on facebook twitter or both and enter on each every day. >> revealing monday's buzzword, it is -- fumble. >> fumble. >> get on over to, click on the win ipad butten and enter the buzzword fumble.
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f f f-u-m-b-l-e. win a flat screen tv. got watch every day. it's a trailer with a surprise twist. >> they find the treasure box. look. what could possibly be in this treasure box? >> the big news that's coming soon. >> this is reall
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>> totally mastered how do it. all he needs, a couple of tables he can deejay anything. >> skiing in the str >> oh -- ah! [ bleep ]. >> [ laugh sorry. ah. ♪ this is a trailer to a big life event. the movie is called "hello world." there are clues in this trailer as to what the trailer's actually about. ?
3:27 pm
>> what is it? >> you see a diamond. >> very symbolic. >> but then that diamond revealed -- >> i think their direcon >> it's not an engagement. is it? >> is it? is it. >> somebody's coming into the world. >> they're married. getting busy at those coordinates. i thought "hello world" maybe a baby then showed the diamond, i thought maybe it meant, coming soon our wedding. >> find the x. start digging. >> this is really well done. >> yeah actually. i'm impressed. >> high quality. >> they find the treasure box. look. what could possiblox >> this is a pregnancy as nounsment. announcement but when they showed this video, they weren't yet pregnant. >> wow. that's confidence. >> are they now pregnant? >> now they're pregnant. >> right. that's good that's good. >> and now they're using this
3:28 pm
video to reveal their pregnancy to his brother, and watch hi. >> are you serious? >> yeah, we're serious. >> oh, my god! >> look at his face. >> his face is priceless. >> in "the six sense." what? >> that's uncle reaction best uncle reaction ever. >> a good uncle if he's this happy. >> goingo that's it for "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us and we'll see you next t
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two women are in the store when one of them lifts that skirt. what she does that left security astounded. >> i don't want to think about it. >> the video proves it. >> dolphins love humans. >> why this one might love a little too muc >> yes. >> whoa. >> are we really here? >> a motorcyclist has the green -- how he landed on his feet in more ways than o. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini and see a dude who gets his buzz on by taking a shot with the rocket launcher in the buff. >> d


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